Welcome to the Amazing Invader Zim Website, where you can find countless information on Invader Zim. UPDATED: 2/7/06 Use the buttons above to navigate and stuff! Here's a brief description of each thingy:

  • Updates: Tells every single update on this site.
  • Episodes: An episode guide. Every Zim site has one. Why not this one, too? NOTE: The episode guide is a large page, and has many images on it, so if you use a modem, be patient while it loads.
  • Characters: Bios of all the main characters.
  • FAQ: Food and Quests. Naw, it's Frequently Asked Questions. What did you think it stood for?
  • Cameos: The Zim staff hid themselves, Jhonen comic characters, and even other famous people in the series. You can find descriptions of them here.
  • Ask Jason: Here is where you can ask Jason Stiff, the post-production guy of Invader Zim any question you would like. It is 100% official.
  • Archives: A bunch of other stuff. The Bloody Gir hunt, Ask Steve Ressel, Screenshots, and MORE!!!
  • Links: Links to other very good and impressive Zim sites.
  • Forum: The forum. And THE best forum. The best one EVER. Visit it now. I demand you do.

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    Special thanks to: Invader Buzzy, Steve Ressel, Jason Stiff, MO(D)VDO, Squidman!, Scary Monkey, ssjvaporeon, Invader Zee, Invader Skee, anyone who asked Steve a question, and Jhonen