The Amazing Character Bios Section
Notice: Tak is not here because SHE IS NOT A MAIN CHARACTER!

Zim is the main character. That's why the show is called "Invader Zim." I mean, it wouldn't be called "Invader Zim" if the show wasn't about Zim, was it? Heh, that would be really stupid.

You should know every bit of info on this page if you're a big fan of the show. goes...Zim is an alien from the planet Irk. He was sent on a mission to destroy an "unknown planet", just so his leaders could get rid of him. Yep, that's pretty much it. Zim is voiced by Richard Horvitz.

Gir is Zim's robot. His leaders didn't want to give him a real robot for his fake mission, so they gave him a piece of garbage. Gir has been known to help Zim is some situations, such as stealing Dib's cameras in Battle of the Planets. But other than that, he's pretty much just a dumb robot. Nobody knows what the G stands for. Gir is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons.

Dib is Zim's rival. He seems to be the only one who knows Zim is an alien (or the only one who really cares, anyway), and wants to destroy Zim. At the same time, Zim wants to destroy Dib, because Dib just slows down Zim's mission. In rare cases, they work together, but always for their own different reasons. Dib is voiced by Andy Berman.

Gaz is Dib's scary sister. She plays videos games all the time. (Mostly Game Slave, a really popular game in the show.) She generally hates everybody. She also knows Zim is an alien, but really doesn't care. Her only goal in life is to beat her video game. Gaz is voiced by Melissa Fahn.

Professor Membrane is Dib and Gaz's father. He is a scientist, and a very famous one, too. He keeps trying to get Dib away from Paranormal science, and to study real science, but always has no luck. PLEASE NOTE that the Professor's first name is Membrane. That is not his last name. It's his first name. As of right now, Dib and Gaz's last names are unknown. Professor Membrane is voiced by Roger Bumpass.

Red is one of the Almighy Tallest, the leaders of the Irken race. He's the better leader of the 2, but still usually has no idea what's going on. He enjoys eating snacks, but not as much as Purple. He's the one of thought of getting rid of Zim. Red is voiced by Wally Wingert.

Purple is one of the Almighy Tallest, the leaders of the Irken race. All he ever cares about is eating, and usually has no idea what's going on. Purple is voiced by Kevin McDonald.

Miss Bitters is Zim and Dib's teacher. She is very creepy. It has been confirmed that she is NOT human, but not Irken, since she DID get lice. No one really knows where she came from. She's just creepy. Miss Bitters is voiced by Lucille Bliss.

Okay, he's not a main character, but he was going to be if Zim hadn't ended. Minimoose is little purple moose who just floats around squeaking pointlessly. He was a weapon, but Zim has no idea how to use him. So he just floats around Zim's base. Minimoose is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.

It's just Zim's computer. Zim's Computer really doesn't care about anything. He doesn't know that much about Earth, but tries to help anyway that he can. He is located all over the house, so Zim can communicate with him anywhere. But he grows tired of doing Zim's orders. Zim's Computer is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.