Is Zim canceled?
Yes. It was canceled due to low ratings (either that or just Nick didn't like it. It was both, since Nick threw the show around the schedule without advertising it to let people know.) It was cancelled in the middle of production of season 2, thus, breaking the original contract with Jhonen.

Which episodes were left unfinished?
Roboparents Gone Wild, Simon Says Doom, Invader Poonchy, Nubs of Doom, Top of the Line, Return of Keef, Gir's Big Day, Mopiness of Doom, Those!, The Trial, Day of Da Spookies, 10 Minutes To Doom, When Pants Ruled!, It Feeds on Noodles, Squishy: Hugger of Worlds, and an untitled 2-part season finale.

So how many episodes are there?
Out of the originally contracted 40, only 27 were completed.

Where can I find Zim merchendise?
Since Zim is completely done for as of now, you may have a little trouble finding stuff. Hot Topic would be a good place to start. Target may have some stuff, but it's unlikely.

Where can I download Invader Zim episodes?
You can't anymore. Now that the entire series is availble on DVD, we don't believe in sharing episodes.

What if Zim was renewed?
Jhonen Vasquez (creator) and Steve Ressel (director) have already expressed that they would not return to the show. Some of the crew may return. Some wouldn't. Zim wouldn't be the same.

The layout of this site looks a little familiar... comment.

Hey! You know Steve and Jhonen's screen name and email address???? Can I have them?!
No, that's what Ask Jason Stiff is for. (The reason there is no Ask Jhonen is because Jhonen... well, he probably wouldn't want to do it.)

My question in Ask Jason didn't get answered...
Okay, here's the thing. 99% of the questions that come in are stupid, goofy questions. So it takes a long time for me to even get 5 good questions that haven't been answered already. I submit the questions to him whenever I feel like it, basically.

When will that Pilot episode get out?
The Pilot is available on Volume 1 of the DVD releases.

When will season 2 air?
Season 2 recently began airing out of nowhere on Nicktoons Network, actually. But if you don't have Nicktoons Network, you can still see season 2 on the DVD's.

I'm hearing rumors of a fan animated series.
There is one. The message board can be located here.

Who can I contact?
Contact me (weirdojace) at Or on AIM, my screen name is weirdojace.

What is this "Zimphony" thing?
It was a 5 and a half hour Internet radio broadcast of music scores from Zim. It was the most popular show ever on Anim-Stuff R, so they made 100 copies on an MP3 CD, and sent them out. It's no longer available.

I've heard rumors about an Invader Zim soundtrack CD.
Yes, you had to email the guy who does the music for Zim (Kevin Manthei) and request for one. He's sold out now, so you can't get it.

There's a link that doesn't work!!!
Yes it does. Actually, a link that doesn't work just means I'm currently uploading that file. No big deal. Just try the link again and it'll work.

Hey! You have Zim music on your site! You aren't supposed to give any of that out!
Actually, it's the Zimphony Disc which cannot be distributed. The music I put up on the site were from the Kevin Manthei Soundtrack, which, as far as I can tell, has no rule against being put up onto the Internet. Besides, some of the stuff I put up here from the soundtrack had parts of the original score cut out to save space and time.

Invader Zim DVDs...?
YES!!! All the episodes are now available on DVD. So, what are you waiting for?! Go to Best Buy or Wal-Mart NOW and get them!!! Or you can order them from

What the heck is the point of that Food List?>
Um... I was bored.

What is the mathematical formula for determening the area inside of a pentadodecahedron?
It's a simple formula, it's a simple formula...

Okay then. What is it?
Y-you know...

No I don't know! What is it?
It's a simple formula. You see, the formula is...first of all, you've got to--

Yeah, that's what I thought. You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?
Yeah, so I better just shut up...

Are you running out of questions?
Yeah, so I'll just end this page now...