Your chance to ask Jason Stiff (post production supervisor of Invader Zim) some questions!

Since the demise of Ask Steve Ressel, many of you have been sad. So, I finally got someone new...Jason Stiff! Jason was the post-production supervisor of Zim, so he saw a lot of what went on, and was actually the one in charge of putting the episodes together and creating the final product! On top that, he was also VERY involved with the DVD releases, so feel free to ask anything! (Although keep in mind that he does not work for MediaBlasters, so he doesn't know EVERYTHING about those.) Jason will answer 5 questions every few days or so, so check back often!
Nirvanfan asks: I heard Invader Zim got "cancelled" because Nick thought it was too "violent" is this true?
There were a lot of reasons the show didn't continue. Ratings are the main reason. There were complaints from time to time about the show's content being too violent, scary, obscure, etc from people that watched the show. On the whole, the network supported the show and its content.

Invader James asks: I've heard that there was gonna be a season 2 finale which, if the show had not been "cancelled", it would have taken place on Meekrob and an allout war would occur. Do you have any info on this concept episode?
I've heard a lot of ideas about big "finale" episodes. Most of them are made up. I do recall their being something similar to what you're describing though...I'll look around and see if I can find any of the premise meeting notes and get back to you.

Zil asks: What did you have to do to become a post-production supervisor for Invader Zim or in general?
I worked my way up from PA to Coordinator to Supervisor on "King of the Hill" then was hired by Jhnen when Invader Zim started. Someone else worked on the pilot but she left before it went to series and I got the job.

Stephanie asks: What was the weirdest idea you ever heard for an episode?
Oh, there were a lot. Usually they were Eric Trueheart being way nutty. Can't remember any one in particular. Oh, there were a lot. Usually they were Eric Trueheart being way nutty. Can't remember any one in particular.

Brooke asks: Can u give us a clue about where a bloody gir is?
There is one in the portal in Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy.
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