Though you do know this will always be the best Zim site, no matter what anyone says.

The Scary Monkey Show Website - By far one of the best Zim sites out there. This site has so much info it's scary. One of the most reliable ones, too.

Invader Zim at - An episode guide at

A Room with a Moose and GIR - A good episode downloads site. Also has a cool message board, behind-the-scenes stuff, and lotsa goodies!

Kevin Manthei Music Productions - Kevin Manthei does the music for Zim, and he has a few MP3's on his site. Also, you could try to email Kevin to ask for a Zim soundtrack if you want one.

Invader Zim Wiki - A very detailed wiki full of Zim info.

The Nickelodeon Zim Supersite - The official site at Has a few screensavers and stuff...

Poonchyrama - A site dedicated to the supporting character Poonchy!

Invader Zim WAVs - A site full of WAV sounds.

Toasted-Bananas - Another page with lotsa info on Zim! Also has pages for Jhonen's comics, and an interview with Wally Wingert!

Bad Bad Rubber Piggy - Very cool website with a HUGE photo gallery.