2/7/05 - New Ask Jasons.
8/30/05 - New Ask Jasons!
8/16/05 - New Bloody Gir found.
6/10/05 - Updated the food list with stuff I forgot!
4/13/05 - I should just rename this section to the "Ask Jason was updated" page. Oh yeah and you know that box thing? Yeah. That was released yesterday.
3/16/05 - New Ask Jasons... the answer to the last question is particularly interesting...
3/7/05 - Finally! New Ask Jason's.
1/5/05 - Updated a few things to ensure that this site's not behind on the times... haha. Oh and by the way, if I don't start getting in some INTELLIGENT questions for Jason, it doesn't look like that'll be updated anytime soon. I mean, come on. Stuff like "how do I draw zim????" and "WEN IS ZIM COMING BAK???" is not going to make it.
11/24/04 - Ask Jason.
11/8/04 - What do you think?
11/2/04 - Ask Jasons!
10/28/04 - Whaddya know, new Ask Jasons.
10/24/04 - New Ask Jasons.
10/22/04 - New Ask Jasons.
8/2/04 - Volume 3 will be released on October 12!
6/28/04 - Volume 3 info: It is called "Horrible Holiday Cheer" and will contain episodes 19-27. Still not sure of the release date but my guess is around mid-Demember.
5/26/04 - Due to bandwith issues, the videos and music downloads are down. They'll be back shortly. Also, today is the birthday of Invader Buzzy! (He runs Buzzyworld, duh). Let's celebrate!
4/24/04 - Wow! I haven't updated in forever! But here is the news: Hot Topic is already selling the DVD. Go to hottopic.com and search for Invader Zim. This is NOT a pre-order either!
2/5/04 - ACTION FIGURES!!!
1/18/04 - Added some stuff...you may or may not notice.
1/4/04 - DVD RELEASE INFO!!!, and The Girl Who Cried Gnome has been encoded.
12/17/03 - Dibship Rising has been encoded!
11/29/03 - Okay...so here goes...the last Ask Steve update ever has been added. Yep, Steve wants it to stop. He says "3/4 of the questions are complete goofball." I realize most of you saw this coming, but I didn't expect it to happen that fast. I also realize that the Ask Steve section was the only reason many of you came here, and I understand that. The site will still function normally though, I am working on a better episode guide page.
11/28/03 - Hey all. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am not dead; I have just been very busy. The site is still being worked on. Also, I've got some bad news about this site, but I don't wanna tell you guys just yet. You may be able to guess what it is though. Food list updated too...
11/19/03 - New Ask Steves.
11/16/03 - Sorry for the downtime...New Ask Steves, and Gaz Taster of Pork has been encoded.
11/13/03 - New Ask Steves.
11/11/03 - YAY! I'm out of school today!! New Ask Steves...
11/10/03 - Today is Steve Ressel's birthday! He's 37. YAY! Oh, and expect "Gaz: Taster of Pork" to be encoded soon...
11/6/03 - HOLY CRAP!!