So you wanna know the story of how this site came to be? Well, a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...huh? Oh, excuse me...

Once upon a time, a 13-year old kid with absolutely no life decided to create the ultimate Zim site. Well...almost ultimate. He knew it wouldn't be nearly as good as Scary Monkey, but it'd be up there. How? By showing everybody how obsessed with Zim he was. He made a huge episode guide (which is still in the making), rated every episode...hell, he even made a list containing every single food ever mentioned in the show. Along with that, he created Ask Steve Ressel (which was closed down because Steve got tired of it), which helped the site grow a lot. He had been friends with a guy named Buzzy for a while, and when Buzzy bought the buzzyworld domain, he offered to let this Amazing Site be on it.

And basically, that's it. Wow, that was a horrible story, wasn't it? But that's how this site came along...I am nothing but a mere pathetic middle schooler who has no life and spends a lot of his time making a Zim site. These pages are written in Windows Notepad, and should look good on any browser. Gee, I'm a nerd.