So, what is Bloody Gir? It's an Easter Egg:

"The bloody Gir was this single frame drawing that Chris Graham drew and I was putting it into the show at random points hidden within things. It is very hard to make out....and I am not telling where or when those frames are (you have to be a master to see bloody GIR, even with a frame by frame VCR). If anyone finds it...let me know. He is in several places through the last 14 shows. We tried to get him put into 'Girs Rubber Piggy' when the last pig goes through the portal: that was the first one and i don't think it have to check....if it is there it is faint faint." -Steve Ressel, director

To find the Bloody Girs, you need to watch the episodes FRAME-BY-FRAME. They are hidden, and transparent. Usually, you will only see the head:

The Bloody GIR has only been found in one episode: Mortos der Soulstealer. Steve says the Bloody Gir is in a lot of episodes past Bad Bad Rubber Piggy, so search frame by frame in VirtualDub. Here's one thing Steve said:

"Hint- look at a few of the opening sequences in the second season. Unless Nick switched them out, there should be at least one with a Bloody Gir." (Note: this is outdated. We found it in the opening for Mortos.)

So the quest for the Bloody Gir is on! If anyone thinks they have found any, email me at, with an image.

The found Bloody Girs:


All right, we know for certain that this is real. And this one's here for 2 frames!


You can faintly see it in the center of the frame.


At the beginning of the episode during the voot crusier sequence, the Bloody Gir can be seen in the left-hand corner of the screen while Zim and Gir are screaming.

If you wanna see for yourself, grab your Volume 3 DVD and look at the opening for Mortos. It's real. You can even almost see it when you watch the episode regularly. Btw, it's only in the opening for Mortos, not any others. This is the only one we are POSITIVE of, and therefore is the only one listed at the moment. All other "findings" are taken from horrible Internet encodes and are only vague outlines of what are probably just compression artifacts. If you do want to look for these, USE YOUR DVDs.

If you find a Bloody Gir, email me with an image.