Scenes that we will never ever see...EVER!

The Nightmare Begins

Digestor - Originally, in order to be able to be sent to a planet, Zim was supposed to battle a monster called the Digestor. It was cut for time.

Impending Doom 1 - Zim's rampage through Irk was longer, but was cut for time.

Finding Hummel - Originally, the milk carton in Dib's fridge was gonna have a picture of a little girl with the words "Find Me!" under it. Nick didn't like that, so it was changed to the Rob Hummel is Meat message.

Our First Chase - ...used to be longer. Cut for time.

Parent Teacher Night

Burritos Don't Like Me! - When Gir was watching TV, the word 'diarrhea' was supposed to be brown. Nick didn't allow it, so it was changed to a blood-dripping red.

Cartoon Network - The cartoons Gir was watching were supposed to be old '40's cartoons, which included smoking, drinking, and gun shooting. Nick didn't allow it, though.

Walk of Doom

Signs - Originally, the ending had the taxi going to Mexico, with a sign saying "Welcome to Mexico." The joke was to express just how easily Zim can get lost. Nick said it was offensive to Mexicans, so it was changed to something that was even more offensive, that Nick was okay with.

Bestest Friend

You Don't Like Waffles? - In the original ending of Bestest Friend, Keef would have fallen off the roof and onto a power line, where he would get electrocuted. Nick saw this as an "imitatable behavior" and demanded it changed. Another idea was that Keef gets run over by a car, and spins around the tire as it drove away.

Attack of the Saucer Morons

Initation - The initation was originally going to be shown, but was cut for time.

Rise of the Zitboy

Hypno - Originally, Zim was gonna hypnotize 2 other kids. One kid was forced to eat anti-matter, and other is forced to pinch Miss Bitters. The kid walks off screen and can be heard getting slapped. Cut for time.

Plague of Babies

Mmm, snacks... - Originally, it was going to show Zim and Gir getting their snacks in the beginning, and flying into a Poop billboard. Cut for time.

Game Slave 2

Superiggy - Iggins was gonna die, but Nick didn't allow it, so he comes back with his super human strength.

Door to Door

Cocktail Roaches - Those cocktail weenies were originally going to be roaches.

VR Scene - The VR scene was originally going to involve New York in ruins, but it was changed after 9/11. However, on this episode's first airing, it aired uncut. You can download the scene here.

FBI Warning of Doom

Credits of Doom - The credits were originally supposed to be something different. And I would tell you, except for the fact that this site is kid-friendly.

Battle of the Planets

Butthead! - One cut scene involved mars getting shoved into mercury, so it would look like a face getting shoved into a butt.

Wreck - The wreck of the car during the panic scene was originally a flaming wreck.

Future Dib

Mushroom Cloud - During the retelling sequence, the PEG was gonna explode and make a mushroom cloud.


Ship Exploration - Zim's exploration of the ship was originally longer. It was cut for time, and because Jhonen wanted less action in this episode. However, the scene was fully animated. You can download it here.


'Splode - One cut moment involved fire sweeping cars away from a street.

Tak: the Hideous New Girl

Valentine Thought Bubble - When Miss Bitters says, "I had a valentine once," there was a plan for a thought bubble to appear over here head where a bunch of tentacles dissolve in next to her, then is cut off as the phone rings. Dunno why it was cut...

Skool Bus - One small cut scene involved a skool bus falling into the wrinkled Earth.

Meet the Ham Demons - Zim and Gir were actually going to meet the Ham Demon. But it was cut for time.

Walk for Your Lives

Explosion - The explosion was originally red and flame-ball like.

Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars

Donut Thing - When Red says, "You! Save the donuts!" Purple looks into the "camera" in an odd way. Originally, a donut was going to hit the "camera", leaving crumbs on the lens. Purple was going to lick the donut crumbs off the lens, but it was cut.

The Most Horrible Xmas Ever

Zam and Doob - Sludgy was originally supposed to call Zim and Dib 'Zam' and 'Doob' (because details are forgotten over long periods of time), but Nick found this "confusing."

45 - The 45 was originally supposed to be killed by the piece of debris. The impact was cut, but you can still see him standing there. And later, you can see Chris Graham (his brother) crying.