These are a collection of rumors that have been said about Invader Zim. The goal of this page is to confirm whether the rumors are real or not. If you have a rumor for me, email me.

1. News flash: Zim is not cancelled!
2. I heard a JtHM movie was being made.
3. I heard that the reason Zim was cancelled was because Nick hated it.
4. Nickelodeon no longer owns the rights to Zim!
5. Zim was cancelled because parents complained about it.
6. I heard Zim was cancelled because Nick wanted all the episodes to take place entirely in skool, and Jhonen said no.
7. I heard that Nick hated any episode that took place in outer space.
8. ...A Zim DVD's coming out?

1. Zim is cancelled, and will always be cancelled, no matter what anyone has told you. It was cancelled due to ratings, and nothing else but that. And also, "cancelled" does not mean it isn't playing on TV. It means no more new episodes are being made.

2. There is no JtHM movie being made, despite all you've seen on the Internet.

3. NICKELODEON DID NOT HATE ZIM. They did not hate it. They did not hate the idea at the beginning. Infact, they LOVED it. What they did hate was how the episodes began to go downhill at the beginning of season 2.

4. Nickelodeon, and ONLY Nickelodeon owns the rights to Zim. Jhonen doesn't. VH1 doesn't. Comedy Central doesn't. Only Nickelodeon does.

5. The reason for Zim's cancellation had nothing to do with parents complaining about the show.

6. Nickelodeon did NOT say they wanted all the episodes to take place entirely in skool. They said they wanted all the episodes to take place ON EARTH.

7. They didn't hate an episode just because it look place in outer space. They hated episodes that had nothing to do with the story of conquering earth. Episodes they hated include "Hobo 13", "Top of the Line", "The Trial", "Gaz, Taster of Pork", "Mortos der Soulstealer" and a few others that did not have a "conquer-earth" plot. For the record, they LOVED "Battle of the Planets."

8. There IS a Zim DVD set coming out with all 46 episodes on it in the Spring of 2004. It is being released by a company called Media Blasters.