So you want to know the tracklist for the Invader Zim Soundtrack, eh? Well.....okay.

1Invader Zim Main Title0:40
2In the BeginningThe Nightmare Begins1:53
3Entering Earth's AtmosphereThe Nightmare Begins0:26
4Bestest FriendBestest Friend0:47
5Carnival NightmaresBestest Friend0:25
6Harvester ZimDark Harvest0:32
7Dark Harvest ChaseDark Harvest2:14
8Parent WaltzParent Teacher Night0:56
9Parents CrackParent Teacher Night1:21
10Bank Robber ChaseWalk of Doom1:13
11Carne BeatWalk of Doom0:18
12Zim Loses ItGerms1:10
13Combat MontageNanozim2:19
14Killer BeeAttack of the Saucer Morons1:09
15Escape on the PigAttack of the Saucer Morons1:41
16Building MonateThe Wettening1:06
17Water Park ShowdownThe Wettening1:15
18Dib Meets MentorCareer Day0:53
19Drum n ThingBattle-Dib1:55
20Zim Saves EarthPlanet Jackers1:27
21Dib's Piggy DoomBad, Bad Rubber Piggy0:53
22Gir HypnotizedRise of the Zitboy1:27
23Gir's CircusInvasion of the Idiot Dog Brain0:18
24House on the MoveInvasion of the Idiot Dog Brain1:02
25Plan Revealed to DibA Room with a Moose0:39
26Photos of ShameA Room with a Moose0:13
27Ultra Peepi ShowdownHamstergeddon2:22
28Baby Alien MissionPlague of Babies1:07
29Zim's GetawayPlague of Babies0:49
30Gaz's MissionBloaty's Pizza Hog1:06
31Poop Doggy DogDoor to Door0:55
32Da Dog VisitsDoor to Door0:49
33Reveal Da DogDoor to Door0:37
34Rankles WrinkleFBI Warning of Doom0:41
35Kitty RallyFBI Warning of Doom0:31
36Meats of EvilBolognius Maximus0:55
37Angry GazGame Slave 21:22
38Zim Reports InBattle of the Planets1:07
39Battle of the PlanetsBattle of the Planets1:38
40Mysterious Mysteries ThemeMysterious Mysteries1:03
41Zim's EscapeAbducted1:00
42Hobo's ThemeHobo 130:23
43Gear FightHobo 131:33
44Dib's MissionsFuture Dib1:15
45So SadHalloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom0:20
46Scary GazHalloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom0:39
47Chicken ChaseThe Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot0:52
48Library HuntGir Goes Crazy and Stuff1:20
49Happy Fun BallWalk for Your Lives1:16
50Lice SquadLice1:10
51GhostsDib's Wonderful Life of Doom0:43
52It's On!Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom1:11
53Happy Day?Tak: the Hideous New Girl0:24
54It's LoveTak: the Hideous New Girl0:43
55Tak's ThemeTak: the Hideous New Girl1:24
56One Big Video GameBackseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars2:37
57Happy Cookie BeastThe Girl Who Cried Gnome1:03
58FoodcourtiaThe Frycook What Came from All That Space1:17
59Sizz ChaseThe Frycook What Came from All That Space2:53
60Super WafflesZim Eats Waffles0:44
61Next Evil PlanZim Eats Waffles0:44
62Spider DibDibship Rising1:16
63Membrane TestsGaz: Taster of Pork1:11
64Curse You!!Gaz: Taster of Pork0:30
65Gaz and the ShadowhogGaz: Taster of Pork2:11
66Aliens in the SkyVindicated!1:08
67Willie's Rise to PowerThe Voting of the Doomed1:16
68Source Music of Doom(Various Episodes)2:22
69Invader Zim End Credits0:47